This sampling represents only a portion of UIC’s total real estate and construction clients. We are currently involved worldwide in some of the largest projects in the UK, Australia, and the Middle East, as well as domestically.

Sample Construction Projects:

  • The Bow Tower Project – Calgary, Alberta (better known as ‘Encana Tower’)

Owned by H&R REIT and leased back to Encana Corporation, UIC performed a full review, marketing, and implementation
of the project insurance for this 55-story, 2 million square foot office tower in the heart of Calgary, Alberta. The total project cost was approximately CAD 1,600,000,000. The scope of the work also encompassed negotiating with the Lender’s insurance consultant on the “required” insurance for the project, ensuring that the broadest coverage was obtained for the project, review of the insurance policies placed, provided oversight on the OCIP administration, and claims administration, and developed
the OCIP manual. The savings for the insurance program budget was 30%.

  • Dallas Convention Center Hotel (DCCH) – Dallas, Texas

UIC performed a full review, marketing, and implementation
of the project insurance for this project in downtown Dallas, Texas. The total project cost was approximately USD 340,000,000. Balfour Beatty was the Design-Builder for the DCCH Project, and we analyzed their Rolling Contractor Controlled Insurance Program (RCCIP) and other alternate CCIPs that were procured and made a recommendation on which program to utilize, taking into account claims-handling, safety, and loss control which ultimately netted a savings of 25%.

  • Minera Panama, S.A. (MPSA) – Largest Construction Project in All of Panama

Inmet Mining Corporation (INM.CA) is a publicly-listed Canada- based metal mining company. They have a significant development project in Panama called ‘Cobre Panama’ for which they are currently constructing an open-pit copper mine which primarily consists of a mine site, process plant, port site, power plant, plus all associated infrastructure (a “city” in the middle of the jungle) including housing, roadways, hospitals, schools, etc. The total cost of the project is $6.2B, for which UIC performed a full review, marketing, and implementation of the project insurance, which ultimately yielded the broadest coverage available in the insurance marketplace at a net savings of 40% against the initial budget.

Sample Ongoing Real Estate Clients:

  • Sage Realty / William Kaufman Organization

This client is a New York City-based award-winning commercial real estate owner and manager of major 40+ story skyscrapers in Manhattan. They have been a client of UIC’s for over 20 years and have utilized our consulting services to achieve a best-in-class program in terms of both coverage and cost. Premier properties include 437 Madison Avenue, 767 3rd Avenue, 777 3rd Avenue, 747 3rd Avenue, 77 Water Street, and 320 West 13th Street.

  • Kibel Companies

Kibel, a UIC client for over 30 years, currently owns the majority of and has developed over 3,500 apartments in its 50-year history: high-rise, low-rise residential, and some commercial, in New York City’s five boroughs and in Bergen County, New Jersey. Premier properties include 300 East 34th Street, 351 East 84th Street, 85 John Street, 360 West 34th Street, and 300 East 51st Street.

  • Terracap Group of Companies

Terracap is a Canada-based Real Estate Owner and Management Company with over 35 Properties located throughout Canada and the US. The total square footage is 2.5M, and the usage is commercial, mixed, and residential. UIC was retained a year ago and effectuated a 40% savings in Terracap’s insurance program, which also included enhancements in coverage.