When freezing temperatures arrive, the water damage claims begin to flow at the first thaw.


It is time to make sure of the following:

  1. Make sure your policy has total coverage for Water Damage.
  2. Understand where in the policy the coverage is afforded as it makes a significant difference in deductibles, I.e., if the range is afforded under the definition of the flood rather than all risk perils, the deductible can be multiples of your all peril policy deductible.
  3. If covered under flood peril, asked to have this cover put under standard all perils qualifying any water damage for lower retention and better coverage.


Lastly, on any water damage loss, never sign off on a loss until many weekly or you get to sign off from a professional. Water damage often manifests itself many weeks or months later, particularly if water touches any electrical items or porous material.