What Will UIC Do For My Bottom Line?.

Overpayments or coverage deficiencies on insurance and risk transfer products and services often occur because companies are at an intellectual capital disadvantage when dealing with brokers and insurers to obtain maximum coverage at a competitive cost to protect their assets.

UIC, Inc. uses its extensive world-wide knowledge to make certain its clients are not only on an equal footing when reviewing and purchasing transfer-of-risk product but actually have an advantage. Our services, on average, deliver exceptional value to the risk management program in terms of cost, coverage and best practices giving your company a competitive advantage in its operating environment.

Under typical circumstances, UIC, Inc. delivers not only cost reductions that average between 20% – 40% but enhances coverage and services across the full spectrum of a client’s program.

DECISION TREE: Risk Management Review

Please feel free to use our “Decision Tree.” At a high level, this tool gives a view into the overall characteristics we analyze in assessing the extent of value our approach can add to your insurance and risk management program. If your point total is 20 or higher, the likelihood is our service will add value.

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Interested in receiving an Independent Audit of your Risk Management Program?

Does your company pay more than $750,000 in combined premiums for its insurance program? (General Liability, Property, Auto, Workers’ Compensation, Directors & Officers, Umbrella, etc.)

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